Marriage in Thailand

The Civil and Commercial Code, which outlines the conditions for a marriage to be recognized legally, governs marriage in Thailand.

A marriage must be registered in accordance with Thai law at the neighborhood district office (Amphur) where one of the parties resides. Both parties must be at least 17 years old, and if they are under 20, they must have their parents’ or guardians’ permission before proceeding.

Additionally, neither party may be in a prohibited relationship with another person, such as a brother or close blood relative.

Foreign nationals who want to get married in Thailand must present their passport, a declaration that they are free to do so, and a Thai translation of these documents. Additionally, they might need to get a letter of support from their embassy in Thailand.

Once the marriage is officially registered, it is valid in Thailand and the majority of other nations. It is crucial to remember that each nation has different laws and standards for accepting international marriages, therefore it is advised to verify with the appropriate authorities in your own nation.

Even though same-sex unions are still not legally recognized in many other nations, Thailand also accepts them. To register their marriage in Thailand, same-sex couples must fulfill the same procedures as opposite-sex couples.

As long as both parties adhere to the relevant procedures and fulfill the legal criteria, getting married in Thailand is often a simple process.

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