Divorce in Thailand

If you want to get divorced in Thailand, there are two main types of divorce procedures available. The first is the uncontested procedure, which can be completed in one day at your local district office.

The other is the contested procedure, which requires more paperwork and more time. Both types of divorce require that both parties be present for a court appearance. In addition, a contested divorce is a lot more expensive.

Uncontested divorces are often easier and cheaper to obtain. To qualify for the uncontested procedure, you must have lived in Thailand for at least a year. You can also apply if you were married to a Thai national.

However, it is important to note that uncontested divorces are only applicable to foreigners if the marriage was originally celebrated in Thailand. For this reason, you should consult a lawyer before you begin the process.

Another option for getting a divorce in Thailand is by using an administrative procedure. This is the simplest of the procedures and only requires that both spouses be in Thailand to file the paperwork.

If you have children, the Thai Family Courts are involved in child custody matters. They will evaluate your situation and make a decision. They also may appoint a legal guardian for the children when they reach a certain age.

The court will also decide on the terms of the divorce. This includes the division of the property. A prenuptial agreement can be used to alter the terms of the division of assets.

The most common type of divorce in Thailand is an uncontested divorce. In this case, both parties agree to get a divorce. You must be present in Thailand to sign the paperwork and to attend the court date.

An uncontested divorce will only be effective if both parties are willing to take a common-sense approach to their divorce. For example, both spouses should be able to agree on the division of marital property. Generally, this will only be possible if both parties are able to come to a compromise on issues such as child support.

Divorce in Thailand is not an easy process. It can be lengthy and expensive. One of the most difficult tasks is obtaining alimony. Because of this, you will need to hire a lawyer in Thailand. Also, you will need to prepare a large amount of money to cover the costs of the divorce.

There are other steps involved in the divorce process, including the filing of an application for divorce. You will need to provide evidence and proof of your claim.

Aside from the aforementioned items, you will also need to bring your passport. These documents should be translated into Thai or at least notarized by your embassy in Bangkok.

If you have children, it’s important to take into account the impact that a divorce can have on their well-being. Depending on your situation, it can be especially difficult to determine the best way to split up your assets.

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