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Buying a Bar in Thailand
Buying a Bar in Thailand
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Buying a Bar
in Thailand

Almost every expat in Thailand started with the idea of buying a business in Thailand. So many buy running businesses such as restaurants and bars. This is where it becomes complicated as can be seen!

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Thailand Board of Investments

If you have large money to invest and are looking for a fast lane to business registration and work permit applications then look no further than the Board of Investment or BOI in Thailand.

Thailand Banking

The very first question that most expats and new businessmen ask when they arrive in Thailand is how secure is the banking system. Back in the US you have the FDIC which underwrites the deposits.

Visa Changes for Businesses

Now that you have bought your business in Thailand you need to look at the issue of work permits and visa extensions in the Kingdom. This is a brief breakdown of the last changes made to employment of foreigners.

thailand banking

If you need to know more about banking and accounting in Thailand then speak to our solicitors in Bangkok would would be able to provide you with the best advice. We also have group of accountants in the Bangkok office who will be able to explain to you the tax implications and accounting codes in Thailand.

Thailand Board of Investment

In order to promote investment in Thailand, the Thai government has created the Board of Investments. The BOI allows you to use the One Stop Service Centre.