If you have large money to invest and are looking for a fast lane to business registration and work permit applications then look no further than the Board of Investment or BOI in Thailand.

In order to promote investment in Thailand, the Thai government has created the Board of Investments. The BOI allows you to use the One Stop Service Centre. This office ensures that you receive priority for everything from company registration to work permit applications. The speed can be seen as follows:

1. The investment is more than 40 million Baht;

2. It must not require an Environmental Impact Study;

3. The project must use new machines;

4. The project must add at least 20% value to the products.

If you can meet the above requirements your company registration will take less than 15 days whereas normally it takes 40 days. Work permits are processed under a week instead of the usual 2 weeks. When applying for an extension to a visa theyw ill look at the viability of the project and not at the money generated. If you are staying in Thailand for less than 15 days you also don’t need to go to the labor department as a representative can go.

If you are looking at starting a large project in Thailand then speak to any of our solicitors in Thailand with regards to what is required for a BOI company then speak to us. Call us on our US or UK based toll-free numbers 24 hours a day or speak to us online. If you are in Thailand simply walk into any of our offices across Thailand for assistance.

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